Great news: a chapel in Schaarbeek: a house of prayer!

There is very special news for the prayer movement in our country, actually a miracle from God: we got a chapel in Schaerbeek! Completely free of charge! A bit of explanation: ‘we’ is the house church ‘Ammi Brussels’ of which I myself may be part. The chapel is at 35 rue Cologne, 800 metres from the North Station. The generous donor is the ‘Catholic Apostolic Church’, a 19th-century Protestant denomination that had stopped holding its own services. It is in good condition, can hold 80-90 people, and also has a small and semi-large auxiliary room (25-30 people). We want to use it first and foremost as a house of prayer and worship, open to other churches or prayer groups. So that it may be a place where we can come into God’s presence and peace and be refreshed, but also a place of meeting other Christians. Should you be interested, contact us to agree when you would schedule something and to collect the key.