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Booklet ‘The Spiritual Climate of Belgium: why and how to pray?’ (second edition, 2018)
This small booklet (30 pp) is written for those who want to be better informed to pray for Belgium. It contains 23 topics such as the historical origin of Belgium, our complex identity, the colonial history, the tensions between Flemish and Wallonians, ethical questions, the spiritual climate of churches etc. 30 prayer subjects are added.
This is for sale at 4 EUR (5 EUR including postage) in Dutch, English and French. See here for more information.
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Booklet ‘Father, make us one. Manifest for unity’ (2012)
Unity among churches is crucial in God’s Kingdom and a very important prayer topic! This booklet (48 pages) gives 60 refreshing insights regarding unity, cooperation, reconciliation, ‘Kingdom thinking’, ‘city church’…, and the many challenges concerning unity and the great promises associated with it. Unity makes us invincible! For more information, a summary and how to buy it:
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The “Kingdom identity” of the Belgians
One of the focusses in our prayers has been to ask God to reveal to us the ‘kingdom character’ of the Belgians. Belgium has a complex history and has difficulty in finding her identity and her calling, more so today than ever before. And yet we still believe that God has a plan and a purpose with everything : He was there when the country came into being in 1830, even though this happened in a strange way, and even though we have two (actually three!) languages and cultures. What has come to us in prayer is the character that He gave as a gift to our people, which we have summarised in seven “Kingdom characteristics.”
May this document be a continuous reminder of our Kingdom identity, which we need to pray out (‘claim back’ in prayer) and to live out! The text is in Dutch, French and English.

National Prayer Topics Belgium: the report of a National Prayer Day (May 9 2015 in Brussels, 4 p.): very useful for praying and interceding for different important and crucial needs in the country. A shorter version, a summary of key prayer topics for the nation, can be found here.

Article: ‘Prayer or humanism?
“Praying is important”: is there any Christian who would dare dispute that or
dismiss it as nonsense? Not one, of course! And yet, if we put our daily Christian
life under the magnifying glass, and look at how much time and priority prayer
gets in our busy schedules, then all of a sudden prayer doesn’t really seem to be
as important as all that. The question is: do we really put our confidence in God alone (as we often say) or in ourselves (= humanism)? Article: Prayer or humanism (11 p, pdf)

Praying in and for Brussels
For people and teams of intercessors who want to come and pray in Brussels (also capital of the EU, and a very strategic city!), we have developed some materials. There is a number of strategic places in the city which are certainly worth a visit during a prayer walk. We are busy writing a series of articles which give the historical background of each of these places (e. g. Place St-Géry, Grand Place, the Gates of the old city) and suggestions on what to pray for. They are also in Dutch and French (see other pages on this website). Read more

Article ‘What is City Church’?

The idea behind this is that all the churches in one city, certainly the bigger cities, learn to function as one church, to see themselves as parts of one body… Read the article (9 p.).

John van Ruusbroec (1293-1381): a Flemish mystic!

In our prayers for the country we have also sought to discover the ancient spiritual sources of our nation, obviously with the aim of reopening them. Read the article about this remarkable man of God and be inspired to seek God in a deeper way.

Europe-Africa Reconciliation Process
Since 2004 we have been engaged as a Prayer Network in a reconciliation process between Europe and Africa; we have been with a delegation to Berlin (November 2005), Kinshasa (June 2006), Kinshasa and Lubumbashi (June 2008) and Rwanda (July 2009). In June 2010 we had a reconciliation meeting in Brussels with Belgian and Congolese churches.
All the information, history and documents can be found on Reconciliation

Seminars with Franz Lippi on CD
The CDs (MP3) of all the seminars with good teachings from Franz Lippi (2007-2019) or Wytze Valkema (2018-2019) are still available (ENG+NL); contact us for more information.

For other articles or books written by Ignace Demaerel, look at his personal website (most are in Dutch, but some are translated in English and French).


Here we want to announce or make known all the prayer initiatives that are active in Belgium: prayer houses, prayer chains, prayer days, prayer conferences, prayer websites etc. Please contact us to publish your data here!