The National Day of Prayer: April 25, 2020 – 10-13h online

The National Day of Prayer will take place in spite of all the corona situation, albeit in a different form.

Prayer is fortunately not forbidden, and certainly not bound or confined: thanks to modern technology we can even do it on a much larger scale than usual. If we are still locked in, praying is probably the best thing we can do!

So on Saturday April 25th we will have an online prayer session from 10am to 1pm, via zoom. This session will consist of about 12 blocks of 15 minutes, and will be very diverse: Dutch, French and English, old and young, male and female, white and black. Together we will stand in unity for our country.

The theme is: ‘born for such a time as this’ (Esther 4:14). God did not place us in this time and in this country for nothing. Intercessors are like watchmen on the wall. God also has a plan with the corona crisis, and wants to wake up this world. If we handle this well, we will emerge stronger from this crisis!

If “zoom” is new to you, it’s really very easy. You can download Zoom easily and for free:

To participate in the zoom session (up to 500 people), you will have to click on this link:

If you can’t go to ‘zoom’, you can also follow the whole event on Youtube (via livestream), via this link:

Please log in on time, because at the beginning we give all the practical instructions, e.g. for translations.

Encourage your friends, even abroad, to participate (it is trilingual). If the timing doesn’t suit you, you can follow this whole session at a later time, both on zoom and on Youtube (via the same link).

Let’s stand up for our country en masse and in unity! And remember: every prayer will end up on God’s ‘desk’ in a golden bowl!

The preparatory committee, Ignace, Frieda, Paul, Donat, Hélène, Esther, Jean & Caro, Yves, Isabelle, Joel, Brecht, Luc, Rabi, Michiel and others