• 24-7Belgium: a new prayer chain needs 168 churches
    An initiative by several networks of leaders… International ministers and prophetic leaders worldwide and also leaders from Belgium, are calling with great urgency to a more intense level of prayer and fasting: we live in a time of unprecedented crises, even a war in our backyard. The world – and the Church – is being … Lees meer
  • Consecration of the EU – May 14
    Consecration of the EU and its institutions to the Lord Jesus We are happy, as members of the prayer groups meeting within the institutions of the European Union, to invite you – and all those who have the European Union at heart – to join us for a trilingual (French/English/Deutsch) ecumenical celebration during which the … Lees meer
  • Together for Europe – May 7
    On 7 May at 2.30 pm with Ensemble pour l’Europe let’s celebrate Europe Day on the theme: “Europe: Artisans of Peace” Reconciliation and Solidarity. Four approaches to solidarity will be presented through short videos made by our movements. We will be privileged to welcome Pastor Walter Kriechbaum from Munich and his wife Anne-Marie from the … Lees meer
  • MARCH FOR LIFE – April 24, 2022
    April 24, 20222:00 p.m.Mont des Arts, Brussels 20 years of euthanasia in BelgiumIn May it will be 20 years ago that euthanasia was allowed in Belgium. Since then, 24,522 declarations of euthanasia have been registered. Euthanasia has been legalized for minors and some politicians want to allow it for people who cannot express their will. … Lees meer
  • Beyond borders Bike tour April 22-24
    Since the summer of 2021, together with a friend (Danny), we have been planning to organize a ministerial event that includes sports. We want to cycle from Ypres to Eupen over three days with stops in the Ronse and Tienen areas. We will start from the center of Ypres and we want to finish in … Lees meer