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Prayer or humanism?
“Praying is important”: is there any Christian who would dare dispute that or
dismiss it as nonsense? Not one, of course! And yet, if we put our daily Christian
life under the magnifying glass, and look at how much time and priority prayer
gets in our busy schedules, then all of a sudden prayer doesn’t really seem to be
as important as all that….. Article: Prayer or humanism (pdf)

Spiritual history of Belgium
A small booklet easy to carry around (22 pp). 22 topics such as how Belgium was born, the roots of our identity, the Congo’s history, the tensions between Flemish and Wallonians, ethical questions, the spiritual climate etc. 30 prayer subjects are added.
This is for sale at 4 EUR (5 EUR including postage) in Dutch, English, French, Portuguese and Finnish.
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The “Kingdom identity” of the Belgians
One of the fruits of prayer has been pleading with God to reveal to us the kingdom character of the Belgians. Belgium is all in a knot about her identity and her calling, more so today than ever before. And yet we still believe that God has a plan and a purpose with everything : He was there when the country came into being in 1830, even though it has gone slightly off course, and even though we have two (actually three!) languages and cultures. What has come to us in prayer is the character that He gave to our own people, which we have summarised in seven “Kingdom characteristics.”
You can also order the postcard we have made of this, as a continuous reminder of our Kingdom identity, which we need to pray out (‘claim back’ in prayer) and to live out! The text is in Dutch, French and English.

document: Kingdom characteristics (document not yet attached)

Praying in and for Brussels
For people and teams who want to come and pray in Brussels itself, we have developed some materials. There is a number of strategic places which are certainly worth a visit during a prayer walk. We are busy writing a series of articles which give the historical background of each of these places and suggestions on what to pray for.
(1) Bruxelles Histoire spirituelle-Saint Gery, the oldest historical centre of the city
(2) The Grand’Place, the centre of business and power, of executions and uprisings, of uproar and celebrations (coming soon)
Further articles will be published later. These are in Dutch, English and French.

Europe-Africa Reconciliation Process
Since 2004 we have been engaged as a Prayer Network in a reconciliation process between Europe and Africa; we have been with a delegation to Berlin (November 2005), Kinshasa (June 2006), Kinshasa and Lubumbashi (June 2008) and Rwanda (July 2009). In June 2010 we had a reconciliation meeting in Brussels with Belgian and Congolese churches.
Reports on these activities (NL and FR) can be found on Reconciliation

Seminars with Franz Lippi on CD
The CDs (MP3) of all the seminars with Franz Lippi (from Nov 2007) are still available (ENG+NL); contact us for more information.


Prayer Platform Flanders is the prayer body of the Evangelical Alliance Flanders ( and this group organizes the Flemish Night of Prayer (first Friday in October), the month of prayer (January), the worldwide week of prayer (January), prayer nights for evangelical leaders (January)

Prayer Network Flanders is the prayer body of the Union of Flemish Pentecostal Churches ( They organize five prayer days/nights per year and a study day, publish a quarterly newsletter, have a prayer army for urgent and acute prayer needs, have published a dossier “Prayer for Flanders” etc.

An overview of Prayer Organizations in The Netherlands and Flanders

Prayer for The European Union

International Prayer organisations: