As a Belgian prayer movement we have been involved with several reconciliation processes since 2003, both on a national and international level. The most important of these is the “Europe-Africa Reconciliation Process” (EARP): we are convinced that European countries that had colonies in Africa (and in the rest of the world) were guilty of much injustice and should officially and publically confess their sins and ask for forgiveness. This should be done both for the liberation of those oppressed countries as well as for our own spiritual healing. In a nutshell, Belgium has much to make up for in its relationship with Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.

To accomplish this we took part in conferences in Berlin (Nov. 2005), Kinshasa (June 2006), and again in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi (June 2008). In July 2009 we went with a new delegation to Rwanda: Reconciliation conference Rwanda-Belgium “Rwanda amateka mashya” Kigali-gitarama 7-14 July 2009:

Telling the truth about the real circumstances of history is but one part of the reconciliation process. Often, the general public knows very little about these circumstances. That is why we have put some historical studies together to publish the basic facts of this history, concentrating especially on the Belgian responsibility. Underneath this summary you will find the studies that relate to Congo and Rwanda (if not available in English, look at the French pages please).

Report of the European-african Reconciliation conference Kinshasa 19-21 june 2008 + lubumbashi 23 june
This reconciliation conference was (after Berlin 2005, Harare 2006, Libreville 2007) the fourth big conference in the scope of the “Europe-Africa Reconciliation Process” (EARP, started in 1999). The goal was that representatives of the European nations that had participated in the colonisation of Africa would confess their historical guilt to their former colonies on all the injustice, repression and cruelties that happened in that time.