24-7Belgium: a new prayer chain needs 168 churches

An initiative by several networks of leaders…

International ministers and prophetic leaders worldwide and also leaders from Belgium, are calling with great urgency to a more intense level of prayer and fasting: we live in a time of unprecedented crises, even a war in our backyard. The world – and the Church – is being shaken violently: the spiritual battle for God’s Kingdom is intensifying. God wants in this season to bring revival to Belgium. And Belgium has been given an important role in the plan for revival and reformation in Europe. That is why it is crucial that Christians stand in unity, surpass the walls of our denominations and together take our prayer to a new level. Unity is incredibly important in the church as Jesus also prayed in John 17:20-23. This unity comes through our communion with the Father himself and is centered around Jesus as His only begotten son and the only way to God.

Main goals of our prayer mission:

  1. That the war in Ukraine would not escalate, that God’s plans will overrule in and through this war.
  2. Pray for unity in the body of Christ in our land
  3. Revival and reformation in Belgium – and from here to all of Europe!

There is a long term strategy and a short term action plan due to the urgency:

Long term strategic plan

  • We believe that God has spoken that a 24/7 prayer chain should be set up and that each participating church should take one hour a week (multiple hours are also possible:
  • The day that the church has the hour of prayer, they should also fast (recommended but not required)
  • Throughout Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders and the German speaking territory we will need 168 churches to begin and ultimately 336 (2 per hour = 48 per day)
  • When a new emergency or crisis arises; this 24/7 network of praying churches can react immediately
  • A prayer time with leaders via Zoom will also be set up

As of September 1st, this should be fully operational until the end of 2022, after that an evaluation will follow in order to continue.

Short term action plan (urgent)

Plan as of now an hour of prayer and worship in your church or prayer group so that the atmosphere will change over Belgium and Europe and also for the war situation and its consequences. If your heart is burning and your reaction is ‘Yes! I commit to this’ — let us know what time you are willing to pray so that we can give you a slot in the 24/7 prayer chain. We will send you more details, ideas and practical instructions later.

You can answer by writing to us at: prayer@24-7Belgium.be

To see which hours are still free, see the 24-7 schedule with prayer slots.

To the glory of the King and for a breakthrough of His Kingdom,

the leadership team:

Jan Bruyneel, Gent
Ignace Demaerel, Brussels
Frank Ernst, Antwerp
Daniël Hakelbracht, Averbode
Paul Immanuel Rooda, Genk
David Vandeput, Brussels (A.net)
Rik Van Neste, Izegem

Endorsed by:

Bishop Jean Tshiteya, Church of God/Eglise de Dieu
David Buntinx, chairman VEG (Free evangelical churches Flanders),
Koen Celis, chairman VVP (Pentecostal churches Flanders),
Frans Meyfroodt, chairman OAEG (Independent churches),
Other denominational leaders will be added