Nieuw boek: ‘Belgium come forth!’

Places are chosen for purpose, even if they are covered with concrete for centuries.
The land of Belgium has been given a mandate to bring counsel from a place of rest-for kings in the political and the spiritual realm. No wonder the enemy covets this land so much.
In this book, the story of the nation of Belgium is put on display. Scrolls are opened and a prophetic call to repentance, healing and restoration is released. After reading this book, you can do nothing but intercede, not only for Belgium, but also for all the nations that gather on Belgian territory.
The book has just been released and is avallable on Amazon and other on-line platforms soon.

Endorsed by different leaders for Belgium and abroad.
Written by a Belgian.
If you have a heart for this country, the book can help you understand the spiritual dynamic of the land better and help you intercede further. For such a time as this…

  • Foreword – Anne Hamilton
  • Introduction – Anne Griffith
  • Appendix – Jean-Antoine
  • Afterword – Ignace Demaerel