This is at least our aim for this day:

  • to pray and worship together
  • to build a throne for our God
  • to seek His face and His will for our nation.

We will stand shoulder to shoulder in the gap for Belgium and experience the power of unity in prayer! Our goal is nothing less than breakthrough and revival, a shift in the spiritual atmosphere over the nation.

This day is open to all Christians. We focus on the whole of Belgium and will do it in three languages (EN, FR & Dutch).

When? Saturday 27 April 2019, from 9am to 11pm

Where? Vineyard Brussels, Boulevard du Souverain 220, 1160 Auderghem


We live in a period of elections in Belgium. You will have noticed on TV or in the streets. Some of you will have the opportunity to vote, others won’t. But you can influence the elections and Belgian politics anyway, through the power of prayer! Our country needs it desperately. It’s far better for us to pray for our politicians than to complain about them.

Since 2003 “Pray4belgium” has organized a prayer action during the week before the elections (7-14 October).

Below you can find a list with prayer subjects. Could you forward this e-mail to other Christians and intercessors? Or print it out and copy it for your church members?

You could be a big blessing for our country! Let’s believe for a spiritual change!

Spiritual climate of Belgium

‘The Spiritual Climate of Belgium’

Since April 2018 a new edition has been published of our prayer booklet (‘Spiritual History of Belgium’, 2008). 3500 of it have been sold and distributed in five languages all over the world. But it really needed an update… So, now the new version is available for anyone who wants to pray for our nation that needs prayer so badly. It contains 30 pages, 23 chapters with useful or necessary background information, and 30 prayer topics. The price is 4 € (> 5 copies: 3 €).

For all info: The Spiritual Climate of Belgium – introduction (PDF)

Spiritual climate of Belgium


the National Day of Prayer on 28 April (10am – 10pm) is approaching with great speed. It is our biggest event of the year and we are preparing it with the utmost care. We go for kingdom quality, for great boldness in prayer, worship and intercession, and for a serious change in the spiritual atmosphere over this land.

Attention: this day is not only for the intercessors, but for all Christians! Or rather, all Christians are intercessors, aren’t they?

This year we are going to merge our event with ‘Fire in the City’, a monthly initiative of the Brussels House of Prayer. This means we will continue from 10 am to 10 pm. There are blocks of 3 hours each, i.e. we restart at 1 pm, 4 pm and 7 pm. In the great hall there will be continuous worship, also during the breaks (pausing thus takes place in the smaller hall). There are music bands and prayer leaders from all corners of the country, and the day will be trilingual.

God’s eye is on Belgium (and Europe!), and it is up to us to be ready. Prayer is the first step in every revival, the indispensable cement in God’s Kingdom.

In other countries they fill a football stadium for a national prayer day (last year in South Africa on the same day as we they gathered even one million people!): do we gradually grow towards that too in Belgium? In any case, you can help with that! Belgium needs you! Come and pray, be a blessing for our country and be blessed!

Send this invitation (even in three languages) to all other Christians you know.