24-7Belgium: a new prayer chain needs 168 churches

An initiative by several networks of leaders…

International ministers and prophetic leaders worldwide and also leaders from Belgium, are calling with great urgency to a more intense level of prayer and fasting: we live in a time of unprecedented crises, even a war in our backyard. The world – and the Church – is being shaken violently: the spiritual battle for God’s Kingdom is intensifying. God wants in this season to bring revival to Belgium. And Belgium has been given an important role in the plan for revival and reformation in Europe. That is why it is crucial that Christians stand in unity, surpass the walls of our denominations and together take our prayer to a new level. Unity is incredibly important in the church as Jesus also prayed in John 17:20-23. This unity comes through our communion with the Father himself and is centered around Jesus as His only begotten son and the only way to God.

Main goals of our prayer mission:

  1. That the war in Ukraine would not escalate, that God’s plans will overrule in and through this war.
  2. Pray for unity in the body of Christ in our land
  3. Revival and reformation in Belgium – and from here to all of Europe!

There is a long term strategy and a short term action plan due to the urgency:

Long term strategic plan

  • We believe that God has spoken that a 24/7 prayer chain should be set up and that each participating church should take one hour a week (multiple hours are also possible:
  • The day that the church has the hour of prayer, they should also fast (recommended but not required)
  • Throughout Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders and the German speaking territory we will need 168 churches to begin and ultimately 336 (2 per hour = 48 per day)
  • When a new emergency or crisis arises; this 24/7 network of praying churches can react immediately
  • A prayer time with leaders via Zoom will also be set up

As of September 1st, this should be fully operational until the end of 2022, after that an evaluation will follow in order to continue.

Short term action plan (urgent)

Plan as of now an hour of prayer and worship in your church or prayer group so that the atmosphere will change over Belgium and Europe and also for the war situation and its consequences. If your heart is burning and your reaction is ‘Yes! I commit to this’ — let us know what time you are willing to pray so that we can give you a slot in the 24/7 prayer chain. We will send you more details, ideas and practical instructions later.

You can answer by writing to us at: prayer@24-7Belgium.be

To see which hours are still free, see the 24-7 schedule with prayer slots.

To the glory of the King and for a breakthrough of His Kingdom,

the leadership team:

Jan Bruyneel, Gent
Ignace Demaerel, Brussels
Frank Ernst, Antwerp
Daniël Hakelbracht, Averbode
Paul Immanuel Rooda, Genk
David Vandeput, Brussels (A.net)
Rik Van Neste, Izegem

Endorsed by:

Bishop Jean Tshiteya, Church of God/Eglise de Dieu
David Buntinx, chairman VEG (Free evangelical churches Flanders),
Koen Celis, chairman VVP (Pentecostal churches Flanders),
Frans Meyfroodt, chairman OAEG (Independent churches),
Other denominational leaders will be added

New book ‘Belgium come forth!’

Places are chosen for purpose, even if they are covered with concrete for centuries.
The land of Belgium has been given a mandate to bring counsel from a place of rest-for kings in the political and the spiritual realm. No wonder the enemy covets this land so much.
In this book, the story of the nation of Belgium is put on display. Scrolls are opened and a prophetic call to repentance, healing and restoration is released. After reading this book, you can do nothing but intercede, not only for Belgium, but also for all the nations that gather on Belgian territory.
The book has just been released and is avallable on Amazon and other on-line platforms soon.

Endorsed by different leaders for Belgium and abroad.
Written by a Belgian.
If you have a heart for this country, the book can help you understand the spiritual dynamic of the land better and help you intercede further. For such a time as this…

  • Foreword – Anne Hamilton
  • Introduction – Anne Griffith
  • Appendix – Jean-Antoine
  • Afterword – Ignace Demaerel

Together for Europe – May 8, 2021

“The unity of Europe was the dream of a few. It has become the hope of many. Today it is a necessity for everyone. ”
(Konrad Adenauer, one of the founders of the European Union)

The Belgian Christian movements, associations and communities, united in the international network “Together for Europe”, and the Chapel for Europe invite you to the online event: “Unity and Reconciliation”.
This online event will take place on May 8, 2021, between 4:00 PM and 5:30 PM, on the occasion of Europe Day 2021.

Dialogue with Mgr. Delville, Bishop of Liège, “Some aspects of Pope Francis’ encyclical” Fratelli tutti “”
and with Ms. Cindy Franssen, Belgian MEP, “Some key elements to bring about greater fraternity and solidarity in Europe”.
Challenging testimonials, actions taken, music and singing.
A moment of joint prayer. “Together for Europe”, that is …
… Friendship between the movements,
… Commitment to the poor, to the environment, to peace,
… And also in these times of pandemic, an increasingly strong sign of hope

Visit us on the YouTube channel Chapel for Europe on May 8 at 4pm.

So, goodbye!

The Belgian National Committee of Together for Europe


The National Day of Prayer: April 25, 2020 – 10-13h online

The National Day of Prayer will take place in spite of all the corona situation, albeit in a different form.

Prayer is fortunately not forbidden, and certainly not bound or confined: thanks to modern technology we can even do it on a much larger scale than usual. If we are still locked in, praying is probably the best thing we can do!

So on Saturday April 25th we will have an online prayer session from 10am to 1pm, via zoom. This session will consist of about 12 blocks of 15 minutes, and will be very diverse: Dutch, French and English, old and young, male and female, white and black. Together we will stand in unity for our country.

The theme is: ‘born for such a time as this’ (Esther 4:14). God did not place us in this time and in this country for nothing. Intercessors are like watchmen on the wall. God also has a plan with the corona crisis, and wants to wake up this world. If we handle this well, we will emerge stronger from this crisis!

If “zoom” is new to you, it’s really very easy. You can download Zoom easily and for free: https://zoom.us/support/download

To participate in the zoom session (up to 500 people), you will have to click on this link: https://www.gebedsnetwerk.be/ndopzoom

If you can’t go to ‘zoom’, you can also follow the whole event on Youtube (via livestream), via this link: https://www.gebedsnetwerk.be/ndoplivestream

Please log in on time, because at the beginning we give all the practical instructions, e.g. for translations.

Encourage your friends, even abroad, to participate (it is trilingual). If the timing doesn’t suit you, you can follow this whole session at a later time, both on zoom and on Youtube (via the same link).

Let’s stand up for our country en masse and in unity! And remember: every prayer will end up on God’s ‘desk’ in a golden bowl!

The preparatory committee, Ignace, Frieda, Paul, Donat, Hélène, Esther, Jean & Caro, Yves, Isabelle, Joel, Brecht, Luc, Rabi, Michiel and others

Seminar Wytze Valkema: 4-5 October 2019

The seminar with Wytze Valkema (October 4-5) is now coming closer. Wytze is for the second time as a speaker in our midst. He is a prophetic intercessor and worship leader, active in Amersfoort (The Netherlands), but he also travels and teaches internationally, and comes regularly in Brussels. Wytze is at the same time a painter, musician and composer of worship music. He finally wrote a book ‘The Courts of Heaven. Experiencing the power of intercession in the House of Prayer’ (2016).

We look forward to a powerful time of worship, teaching and ministry / impartation, and expect special times in God’s presence.

Place and time:

– Christelijke Kerk Bethanië, Rollewagenstraat 76, 1800 Vilvoorde

– Friday evening (October 4) 7:30 pm and Saturday 10 am-5pm.

All further info can be found in the attachment! We hope to welcome you there!

Praying for elections: 19-26 May 2019

We live in a period of elections in Belgium. You will have noticed on TV or in the streets. Some of you will have the opportunity to vote, others won’t. But you can influence the elections and Belgian politics anyway, through the power of prayer! Our country needs it desperately. It’s far better for us to pray for our politicians than to complain about them.

Since 2003 “Pray4belgium” has organized a prayer action during the week before the elections (19-26 May).

You could be a big blessing for our country! Let’s believe for a spiritual change!

John Van Ruusbroec (1293-1381): A Flemish Mystic

John Van Ruusbroec (1293-1381) is relatively unknown, which is rather a pity. Yet he had already gained international fame in his own day, and people would travel from afar to be able to speak to him. He was considered one of the great mystics of the southern Netherlands, and is still one of the most translated authors in Dutch literature. He is really worth to be studied deeper: the way he experienced God was very intense and deep, and may be an encouragement for us to also seek God’s face more. And it’s good to know the old spiritual wells in our country. May this article help in this!

See this link:

National Day Of Prayer – April 27, 2019

This is at least our aim for this day:

  • to pray and worship together
  • to build a throne for our God
  • to seek His face and His will for our nation.

We will stand shoulder to shoulder in the gap for Belgium and experience the power of unity in prayer! Our goal is nothing less than breakthrough and revival, a shift in the spiritual atmosphere over the nation.

This day is open to all Christians. We focus on the whole of Belgium and will do it in three languages (EN, FR & Dutch).

When? Saturday 27 April 2019, from 9am to 11pm

Where? Vineyard Brussels, Boulevard du Souverain 220, 1160 Auderghem

Prayer action for the elections 2018 (October 7-14)

We live in a period of elections in Belgium. You will have noticed on TV or in the streets. Some of you will have the opportunity to vote, others won’t. But you can influence the elections and Belgian politics anyway, through the power of prayer! Our country needs it desperately. It’s far better for us to pray for our politicians than to complain about them.

Since 2003 “Pray4belgium” has organized a prayer action during the week before the elections (7-14 October).

Below you can find a list with prayer subjects. Could you forward this e-mail to other Christians and intercessors? Or print it out and copy it for your church members?

You could be a big blessing for our country! Let’s believe for a spiritual change!