March 22 2016 – Attacks in Brussels

‘Pray for Belgium’ is the new slogan that is spread internationally via Twitter after the terrible attacks yesterday in Brussels. If that is the effect of the attacks…? Our Pray4belgium network has existed since 2003: we didn’t need these attacks to pray for the nation. But indeed we want to call onto every Christian to join us in this time of prayer and stand with us in the gap for the country. Belgium is shaken in its foundations, and how strong are those foundations? On what (or on who) are they built?

We can complain a lot, analyze what went wrong, point the finger, even say ‘We have predicted it’, but God asks of us first that we pray for our country and people.

  • Please pray for all those affected and their families, that they may find comfort and strength in God and in friends.
  • Pray with us for the government: for wisdom, not to react out of panic and anxiety, not to take disproportionate measures.
  • Pray for all emergency and security services, police and investigators, that they may expose even more roots of terrorist networks.
  • Pray for God’s peace and protection over the nation.
  • Pray that the mentality will change: that people will recognize that a society without God-of-love goes stray and has no defense against such a dark attack of hatred: that God will make this evil work for the good, and that the difference between light and darkness will become clearer.
  • That the churches and Christians will find open doors with people to bear witness to a great and merciful God, that we will be able to show acts of peace and love.